Inspirational Places For Your Video Shooting

video shoot

Photography by Graham Oakley

Selecting the perfect shooting location for your organisation’s corporate video can be a more challenging and complicated process than you may first anticipate. After all, there are many different competing parameters and priorities that you will need to consider for a shooting location, ranging from the sheer visual appeal of the site to the atmosphere and nearby transport links.

So with these factors in mind, here are some suggestions for what kinds of places you should consider when you wish to truly inspire with your choice of shooting location.

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Inspiration for your wedding this Christmas season

Inspiration for your wedding this Christmas season


Winter weddings have long been associated with a certain magic – after all, they take place at a time of year that is already pretty special given the ongoing Christmas celebrations. However, it’s also true that every little touch or adjustment can help so much to make an already heart-warming and inspiring occasion even more so.

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5 ideas for an idyllic winter wedding

5 ideas idyllic winter wedding

If there is a time of year when it is difficult to resist the opportunity to get married – certainly if for any reason, the summer months are not convenient or available – it is surely the height of the winter. With any luck, there will be snow on the trees in the grounds of a suitably enchanting fairytale venue that you have booked, such as Château Bouffémont.

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What to do for New Year at Château Bouffémont


Even by the standards of French chateau properties, Château Bouffémont is an immensely desirable all-year-round destination. With its refined furnishings and spectacular manicured gardens, it is a truly warm and enchanting place for you and your family to stay.


However, there’s something extra special about the ambience and activities on offer at the resplendent venue at the turn of the year. It’s the season, after all, characterised by the sweet smell of the turkey cooking, the crackling sound of the fireplace and all of the pleasantries associated with the exchange of gifts between loved ones celebrating a very special time of year indeed.


But as luxurious as several winter days spent as ‘lord of the manor’ of the prestigious historic property may be, there’s much more for you to do as 2017 becomes 2018 at Château Bouffémont.

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Wedding a la francaise?

marriage chateau

For so many couples, it is a lifelong and heartfelt dream to get married in France. This may be due to an enduring love of French culture, or perhaps a family or ancestral connection to the country. Alternatively, you may simply be looking to tie the knot abroad and have considered France due to its strong associations with all things romance.

However, there is much more to the organisation of a French wedding than simply finding the prettiest and most enchanting backdrop on which to confirm one’s union. Here are some of the other factors that demand consideration.

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