A five-point guide to a perfect product launch

Planning an event to launch a new product? With our extensive experience of hosting corporate events at Château Bouffémont, we decided to share with you our five-point guide to making your product launch a resounding success:

  1. Align to your target market

You know your product better than anyone, so when planning your launch remember to focus on your target market. The launch event is about showcasing your product not organizing a fun event for your staff so think about what will appeal to your future customers.

  1. Choose an appropriate theme

Keeping your target market in mind choose a theme that is relevant to your product and reflects the key messages you want your clients to take away. This theme will then guide how you organize your event, the vendors you choose to work with, the entertainment and catering and so on. Here at the chateau we work with a range of top-quality vendors who can adapt their services to a wide variety of themes.

  1. Get the right venue

Once you have your theme, choosing the right venue is an absolutely crucial phase in planning your corporate event. For a product launch the venue needs to be relevant to the product and the chosen theme – a luxury product for example requires a prestigious venue for a truly memorable launch. There are also practical considerations such as ease of access and flexibility in terms of the indoor and outdoor areas available to you in case the weather is changeable. Your venue should also provide a scenic backdrop to your event photos which will be used in your post-launch promotional materials and social media.

  1. Plan engaging entertainment

Every single detail of your event is important but if you want your product to truly shine, make sure your guests have a good time – it’s as simple as that! Offering a form of entertainment that genuinely appeals to your target market will make sure your product sticks in their minds and will also generate positive feedback on the event on your social media accounts, so whether it’s a DJ, a stand-up comic or a hip-hop dance troupe, make sure you put some thought into the entertainment on offer. 

  1. Focus your budget

Gone are the days when companies had unlimited budgets for their events. Your return-on-investment is key to a successful product launch so when organizing your event think about where you will get the biggest returns: fabulous photos you can use for ongoing product promotion, top-class entertainment and a standout theme to generate social media interactions, a truly memorable venue to offer opinion leaders, influencers, future clients and the press a night (or day!) to remember!   

Of course, we think Château Bouffémont is a great fit for all kinds of product launches and here’s why:

– Easy access just 30 kilometers from the center of Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport

– A stunning location with magnificent views from the gardens and historic architectural features

– 5 conference rooms (300m2) with a capacity of up to 70 persons, 140 for seated dinners, 200 for cocktail dinners, 9 suites and sumptuous gardens and grounds

– A team of expert staff working behind the scenes to ensure your event goes smoothly

– A pool of first-class vendors the château can call on to meet your every need 

Our team is on hand to provide their expert advice and support right from the start of the planning stages. So why not get in touch today to find out more? Fill out our contact form here or call us on +33 (0) 1 39 91 20 94.