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5 Jaw-Dropping Features of the Resplendent Château Bouffémont

Chateau Wedding

If you are even contemplating staying overnight or holding an event at a French chateau, you will naturally wish to choose a property that draws the eye and woos every person who sees it.

This is why, when you select the historic stone-built Château Bouffémont as your private venue for such purposes, it’s reassuring to know that you can experience all of the below…  


The stunning estate

It is customary for many a French chateau to be set in spectacular manicured grounds. However, even by those standards, the five acres of verdant greenery surrounding Château Bouffémont have to be seen to be believed.

After all, there aren’t too many French chateaus that can offer such jaw-dropping gardens as ours over not just one, or even two, but three levels, exuding the French classicism that informed the entire design of our estate.


The extensive terrace

Where is the finest spot from which to survey the entirety of the estate during your short time as lord of the manor at Château Bouffémont?

That may come down to individual taste, but the noble stone-built property’s 120-square-metre terrace certainly affords quite the place to relax with your favourite tipple as you gaze across our extensive gardens and contemplate how to idle the day away.  


The halls and living rooms

If the sight of the outside of our fairytale venue would already seem to leave you spellbound enough, you simply have to see how the magic continues inside.

Such tasteful, historically sensitive touches as crystal chandeliers, authentic wood panelling and fine fabrics across prestigious spaces like the Dandy Lounge, Grand Salon and Salon des Anges serve as a testament to the remarkable skills and judgement of the Italian architects, Augusto Busnelli and Marco Allievi.  


The suites and guest rooms

Château Bouffémont comprises nine prestigious suites and rooms that are capable of accommodating as many as 27 guests.

These beautifully furnished spaces also demonstrate how adept our venue is at blending aristocratic charm with modern comforts such as flat-screen televisions, radios, telephones, the Internet and Wi-Fi.


Its location in the heart of the Montmorency Forest

One could scarcely choose a more desirable setting for a French chateau than the Montmorency Forest. As the website of the suburban railway service SNCF Transilien explains, this natural area is an invaluable green lung of the Val d’Oise region, 90% of its surface being covered in sweet chestnut trees. It is also an excellent playground for the more active type, with such activities as walking, mountain biking and horse riding all taking place here.

It is also from here that the visitor can easily reach the cosmopolitan delights of Paris, which is situated a mere 30 kilometres from the French chateau.

Many of the world’s most renowned art galleries, museums, historical sites, theatres, restaurants and cafes await your discovery in the French capital. So if you have day trips in mind, why not read the Paris tourist office’s own advice about the many great things to see and do in the city?

Such ingredients as the above all show that Château Bouffémont can be depended on to take the breath away of everyone who encounters this sought-after former residence of the Marquise of Preignes and Baron Empain. Contact us today, and you will soon be able to experience it for yourself.

Art Deco Inspiration



These days in Paris, the Art Deco movement is honored at Palais de Chaillot.

The team of Château Bouffémont couldn’t resist a quick  overview of the exhibition.

In 1925, the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts was organized in Paris. As the official organizer of this event, France  is a pioneer in this field. With its perfume, architects, department stores and its glassblowers, the country builds its reputation in the arts permanently.

It was only in the 60s that the Art Deco gets its name in honor of this exposition.

A style with simple geometric lines, but so characteristic…. sleek shapes …. glamorous decoration…. Art Deco inspired aristocratic families captivated by this enthusiastic movement.

Festive time in Gatsby style, glitzy and glamorous.

Directly inspired by that period, the Dandy Lounge of Château Bouffémont recalls effervescence of the Twenties and the Thirties.




Have a seat in the comfortable Chesterfield sofas and let yourself be overwhelmed by the spirit of the place; wooden furniture with industrial lines and avant-garde objects which symbolize the modernist era ahead of its time.

Ahead of its time, Art Deco also enhances the handicraft, from sculptor to craftsman in iron, from painter to glassmaker.

Noble materials lend formal beauty to this room and are highlighted with murals by painter Elisabeth Wela, adding a finishing touch to the room’s modern ambience.

Home cinema, stereo equipment…. Dandy Lounge is an invitation to relax and allude to this spirit suitable to the Années Folles.