Why Château Bouffémont is perfect for conferences and business meetings

Why Château Bouffémont is perfect for conferences and business meetings

Château Bouffémont is a true luxury venue for luxury brands, a historic stone-built residence associated with the utmost nobility and timelessness. It is therefore of no great surprise that so many corporate entities express interest in making use of the space for conferences and business meetings alike.

We’ve put together just some of the reasons why the Chateau is the perfect venue for your corporate event

An utterly resplendent setting

We understand the importance of making a good impression to your conference delegates, as your event will be representing your brand. That’s why we’re extremely proud to offer a backdrop quite unlike anything else.

The reasons why so many organisations book the refined venue will become immediately apparent on first sight of the spectacular manicured French gardens, to say little of the aristocratic charm and modern comforts that await discovery within the main Château.

It is also easy to see, with one glance at the enchanting setting, why we have achieved great eminence with businesses looking for corporate event space in France.

The most impeccable business amenities

Château Bouffémont may have been built in the 19th-century and served as a stage for prestigious ceremonies organised by distinguished former residents the Marquise of Preignes and Baron Empain, but it’s also perfectly equipped for the preferences of modern corporations.

We can offer corporate clients no fewer than five 300m2 conference rooms, with capacity amounting to 70 persons in plenary, 140 for seated dinners and 200 for cocktails or cocktail parties.

Furthermore, extensive overnight accommodation is available for your employees and delegates, with a total capacity of 27 persons provided across six suites and three rooms.

A projector, scanner and printer and other equipment are also included among our on-site business facilities, leaving your organisation well-placed to enjoy a productive and rewarding stay in France.

A highly advantageous location

Whether your principal concern is the ease with which attendees are able to reach your conference or business meeting, or instead the further connections that can be made in nearby major centres of population, our Château could not be more conveniently situated.

Château Bouffémont’s enviable location, a mere 20 miles from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 30 kilometres from central Paris, helps to maximise the potential audience for your brand’s conference.

Furthermore, as disclosed by the Discover Walks blog, there is many a fine way to make the most of a visit to the City of Lights as part of a wider business trip.

While many businesses contemplating a conference or meeting in this sought-after area of France may be tempted by the opportunity to book a venue within Paris itself, the prestigious Château Bouffémont affords the finest of all worlds.

Choose Château Bouffémont, and your organisation can tap into the benefits of a magnificent venue in a tranquil setting that lends itself to productive work, while never feeling too far away from the stimulations and activities of the big city.

Don’t hesitate to enquire about holding your corporate event at our highly dignified and opulent residence. We’ve put together the corporate brochure detailing all of the information you need about holding your event at Château Bouffémont. Click here to download it now.