The Château Bouffémont Vlog N° 013: Gift wrapping: an expert guide

Christmas is nearly here and after putting up the Christmas decorations, decorating your Christmas tree, and planning the menus, it’s now time to think about gifts and the dreaded task of gift wrapping! But don’t panic, one of Château Bouffémont’s expert vendors – the talented Akiko Kovacs – is here to help, with her three-step guide to gift wrapping for Christmas and gift wrapping tips.

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So, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to wrap a gift:

· Before you start prepare everything you need: use natural items and think about how to match them for a coherent look.

Step 1: Wrapping

First, you need to place your gift in the centre of the paper and cut to a slightly larger dimension all around. Then stick the paper down with tape, folding the edges inwards so they don’t show when you’ve finished. 

· Fold inwards to hide the edges

· Use transparent or paper tape so it doesn’t show and pre-cut the tape into pieces

· Use different types of matching paper to give depth and interest to your gift wrapping

Step 2: Tying

When the package is covered you can tie it up using string or ribbon which you will need to wrap all the way around the gift.

· Wrap the string or ribbon around the package several times not just once

Step 3: Decorating

This is where we can take your Christmas gift wrapping to the next level by adding in some decorative features. 

· A dried leaf can be written on to make an original gift tag 

· Mix up the decorations by using greenery or dried fruits and adding in small ornaments for variety

· Stick the decorations on flat with glue or make a hole in the item and thread through ribbon or string

So, thanks to Château Bouffémont you now have all the Christmas decoration and gift-wrapping ideas you need to share a magical festive period with those you love. 

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Photo credits: @photographerinparis