The World of Château Bouffémont: Aubergine Garden Dish

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As the days grow longer and warmer, the grounds of the Château Bouffémont suddenly feel full to bursting with birdsong, blossoms and the tinkling of a little pre-dinner conversation. This week we celebrate the fast approach of summertime with something different – this recipe, the poetically-named Aubergine Garden dish, is the perfect serving option to complement the season.


As beautiful to look at as it is delicious to eat, the Aubergine Garden is destined to be a hit at any al fresco gathering. The photogenic combination of lush colours and rich textures pairs perfectly with both simple and extravagant table settings. The recipe is bursting with a multisensory appeal thanks to its striped Chioggia beet slices and a peppery hint of wasabi – a surefire way to impress guests.




Aubergine Garden (serves four)



  • Four aubergines
  • 16 radishes
  • One Italian Chioggia beet
  • A handful of rocket salad leaves
  • 150g fresh goats’ cheese
  • 10g wasabi


1. Cut the aubergine into slices of approximately 2cm each, then lightly oil these and place them aside.


2. Cut the beet into fine strips to showcase its beautiful colouration – these will act as a garnish later.



3. Cut the radishes into simple rounded slices.


4. Mix the goats’ cheese and the wasabi together in a bowl, then combine these with salt, pepper and olive oil according to taste.

5. Fry the aubergine until it takes on a golden colour – this should only take a few minutes on each side of the slice.

6. Place each slice onto a paper towel – this helps to absorb the excess oil.

7. Next, place the aubergine slices onto individual plates.

8. Decorate the slices with the other ingredients, using them to create the impression of a garden. This step is an entirely personal one, so don’t be afraid to give it a bit of an individual flourish.

9. Finish up your creation with the rocket leaves.

10. Serve up the Aubergine Garden to any eagerly waiting guests – delicious !


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