Château Bouffémont, the Ultimate Resort for a Fairy Tale Royal Wedding and a Baronial Holiday Getaway

It is every woman’s dream to have her fairy tale wedding and feel like royalty for that special day in her life. Château Bouffémont, located in the outskirts of Paris was in fact the home of French nobility that has opened its doors to its guests for the ultimate wedding destination, as well as the ultimate holiday getaway.


This illustrious resort was built in the 19th century where many events and ceremonies for royalty were hosted by its proprietors Marquise de Preignes and Baron Empain. In 2006 a young man with a big dream and a great idea purchased and transformed the château into a luxurious ten-bedroom private resort. The resort retains the French décor of the 19th century with breathtaking statues, a touch of the Louis furnishing era, with arsenic green walls and windows adorned with golden curtains, or scarlet red walls gleamed in the light of crystal chandeliers. But the resort is so much more, it is the home and palace of French nobility of the 19th century, in the technology and comfort of the 21st century, with modern kitchen facilities, high speed WiFi, flat screen TV’s, and sound-system throughout the resort. And to top it all the service is to Baronial standards, with chefs, maid service, butlers and coordinators, all committed to making your stay a fairytale to remember and personalized to your taste.

The château is situated 30km outside of central Paris and 20 minutes from Charles De Gaulle International Airport. It includes 5 grand halls, 10 prestigious apartments, beautiful gardens and a natural park. It is the fantasy place for an elegant and luxurious wedding. The incredible rooms, balconies, service, catering and organization, will make the bride feel like a princess and the guests feel like nobility, as taken from a Marie Antoinette scene.

This stunning house of royalty has three garden levels and a natural park of 15 hectares. There are many rooms and areas you can choose from to throw your wedding, and special events within the wedding. Le Salon des Anges located in the Garden Level is a perfect setting for cocktail receptions and for the wedding party. The Ground level holds many rooms with a particular purpose. For instance Le Salon du Baron, literally the room of Barons, is a warm welcoming and romantic place to spend intimate moments near a fireplace. In the ground floor the terrace has a breathtaking view of the French idyllic scenery of Montmorency Forest. In the first floor where three suites are located you can go out on the terrace and escape through the green relaxing sight of the gardens and the park.

golf It is easy to let yourself transported through the fantasy of spending time in the château as a bride or groom, wedding guest, or just for a lavishing getaway from the gloominess of city life. The château life is a time travelers’ experience, without losing the benefits of the 21st century comforts. But it’s not all just about magnificent sights and comfort for a romantic wedding or a relaxing getaway. The service of the château is in fact the beating heart that sets the palace in motion, and makes the fantasy come to life. Not even the 19th century nobility could have had such great service and comfort while spending time in the Château Bouffémont. There is a private Chef for all your culinary needs, a butler service that creates the elegance the château was made for, concierge services to organize activities and tours around the area, and everything else you need, maid service, guardian, transportation in all forms, laundry and postal service. But what makes the stay at the château a heavenly place of relaxation and bliss is the fitness and spa facilities. For golf enthusiasts, the neighboring golf clubs are at their disposal.

The stunning surroundings of the Château can be transformed even further to your needs to make the picture of the dream and the fantasy come to life. The château caters to your specific needs and designs your wedding, or any other event from business to personal, with the help of a professional team and network commercial partners at your disposal.

home_5The life of the Château is rich in memorable experiences of a large array of sport and leisure activities to choose from, within the premises and the region. Trips may be organized to Paris, the most romantic city in the world, by default. And within the premises guests can enjoy playing Golf in an 18 Hole Golf Course designed by legendary Jack Nicklaus, have a refreshing swim in the pool, play tennis, or enjoy the spa and massage. But the fun doesn’t end here as almost everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing or that you love doing is possible in the château; Hiking, Trekking, Quad and Mountain Biking surrounded by the scenery of the two beautiful lakes of Montmorency Forest. Also you can go Sailing, Windsurfing, Waterskiing, Rafting, Kayaking, Swimming, Bird Watching and Boat Riding at the Recreational Park of Cergy-Pontoise. You can even pick up flight lessons at the Les Ailerons Aviation Club or get a tan at the largest River Beach of France, L’Isle-Adam. The Château Bouffémont is also at your prompt disposal to organize events of sightseeing in the the National Museum of Renaissance at Château d’Écouen, or even at the the village of Auvers-sur-Oise that inspired some of the greatest names in the art world Van Gogh, Cézanne, Corot and Daubigny. More importantly all these activities can be held either within the resort, or close by from 10 – 20 minutes of driving.

In all, the Château Bouffémont, is the palace where life is nothing but a dream, for the future bride to really be a princess in her court in her special day, as well as for everyone else to enjoy the most relaxing and fabulous time in their life. The Château makes guests feel at home in a place of royalty, offers comfort, beauty, entertainment and relaxation. You will be surrounded by beauty of art, architecture and nature, and feel just like in a heavenly fairy-tale.