5 tips to organise a fashion show at Château Bouffémont


Have you ever attended a fashion show only to be so dazzled by loud music, flashing lights, creative art installations and inspiring performances? You’ve largely got the event planner to thank for that. Organising a show that impresses like this in the constantly-changing world of fashion isn’t easy. However, here are some tips that can help you to make the out-of-the-box thinking necessary for a great fashion show – and the venue will play a particularly large part.


  1. Decide on your models


In an article on EventManagerBlog.com, event producer Carl George notes that “fashion shows last 17-20 minutes during which time the designer will present up to 70 looks”. Therefore, if you are strict with the number of models that are used, each model could have to make as many as three changes – really not an easy feat. However, you might not be able to afford the best case scenario of one model for each look. Thus, your decision could depend on weighing the different factors.


  1. Set the ideal atmosphere

Equally as important as your models are the settings in which they’re going to play their part. For luxury brands, a venue that benefits from refined interiors is the ideal option to host a Haute couture show to remember. Spend a full day at Château Bouffémont watching runway performances and visiting fashion exhibitions before enjoying some fine dining with impressive surroundings.


This kind of atmosphere can grab the audience’s attention and make them eager to see what’s about to appear on the catwalk. Key to ensuring this atmosphere is making sure that the venue is suitable. If the clothing will be traditional in appearance or draw strong inspiration from a particular period of history, then reserving a historical building could be a good move. Be careful when perusing fashion show venues; you could make a strong priority of choosing one where photos and video footage can be effectively shot such as one that has large grounds. What’s more, the Château is situated on the outskirts of Paris but still close enough so that visitors can benefit from the city’s fashion weeks.

  1. Make good use of technology

Even if the venue you settle on is steeped in history, the show can still be appreciably enhanced when the right technology is carefully used. You could, for example, put big screens at the runway’s sides to allow the audience to look much more closely at the models’ clothing. The event could even be aired online with an online chat room through which the virtual guests can be engaged such as via Facebook Live. Also, don’t overlook the advertising potential of email and social media sites like Instagram.

  1. Arrange for a complete dress rehearsal


This rehearsal should include the models practising their entry onto their catwalk and walking along it. The rehearsal should also be timed to enable yourself to discern precisely how long the show, and different parts of the show, will last. Knowing this can help you with deciding where transitions and intermissions need to be added. Doing all of this could do wonders for the smoothness of the show when it is finally underway.


  1. Advertise


Of course, if you want your fashion show to be packed with people then you’ll need to advertise it well. Firstly, identify your target audience and consider the best way to reach them. This can be done via social media, by building a website, through email marketing or even by sharing it through newspapers and magazines – it all depends what suits you best.