How to organise a photoshoot in Paris, France


Think of Paris and fashion, particularly “haute couture”, is likely one of the first things that will spring to mind. The city has often been deemed a fashion capital, on top of being known for its natural and architectural beauty. Therefore, Paris is an appealing place to take photos – but how can you organise a photoshoot in Paris, France? Below are some crucial pointers.


Decide on a theme

If you are currently eyeing Paris as a place to capture on camera, you might already have a good idea of the theme your photoshoot will have. Nonetheless, it remains possible that you actually have only a loose idea – and this theme should be made concrete sooner rather than later. In a guest post on the Digital Photography School website, Olivia Vitazkova calls the shoot’s theme or concept “one of the most important things you need to consider”.

This is because all your other choices, including those of location and makeup, will stem from this one decision. You don’t need to overly restrict yourself when trying to decide a theme – particularly as Paris is such a varied place and, therefore, can be suitable for a wide range of photoshoots.

However, if that theme is historical, our venue of Château Bouffémont will be perfect, considering its nineteenth-century form and architecture. The refined elegance of this chateau’s interiors can also make a good backdrop for a fashion show.


Make sure you have the right equipment

Given how well an iPhone alone can often capture vivid imagery, you might wonder how much equipment you truly need to source for a shoot. Indeed, you may wish to take a minimalist approach to equipping yourself and feel that a phone would be sufficient for your particular project. However, Lola Elise, in an article on the Photography Life website, suggests that you should have some “crazy gadgets to light up your work area and to give you the flexibility to achieve your goal” that might take up a bit more room than you would think.

Location, location, location

Book the chateau for a photoshoot and you will have access to an impressive variety of backdrops for your pictures. You could take photos in front of the stone-built residence, in the manicured gardens near the building, or in one of the interior spaces with crystal chandeliers hanging just above your chosen models. The options here at Château Bouffémont are wonderfully broad. As the photographer Charlotte Bergan comments on her experience here “Château Bouffémont is a dreamy photoshoot location for any photographer. There is an enormous diversity in colour, feel, and presence. My vision instantly came to life at the chateau. Even with an overcast sky, our team was so happy with the magic we were able to put together there.”